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Another LED blinker install kills the corner lights.


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I have a 2008 Legacy 3.0R.

I bought some quality 7440 Amber LEDs to swap in to the rear blinkers.

I bought some quality 3457 Amber LED's for the front driving and blinkers. I wired it all up with the resistors and the blinkers are nice and bright both front and rear. Hazards blink bright on all four corners. When I start the car and turn the light stalk one notch to have all my driving/corner lights on there is nothing! Front corners, rear driving which are still the stock 7443 halogen no good.

I have check almost every fuse, not one blown. So while driving, the back end is a black out. The front has the headlights and the blinkers do work and work as they should (no hyper flashing)

Any ideas?


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Item specifics;

Condition: New

MFG Part Number: 3157 T25 3157A 3457A 3157 4157NA 3757A 3457 3057

Placement on Vehicle: Left, Right, Front, Rear

Interchange Part Number: 3157 Amber/Yellow Parking Turn Signal DRL Tail 12V

Warranty: Yes

Other Part Number: 3157 T25 3157A 3457A 3157 4157NA 3757A 3457 3057

Brand: Yitamotor 3157 High Power SAMSUNG 15W Parking



Item specifics;

Condition: New

MFG Part Number:7443 7444NA W21/5W W21W T20 7440 7444 7441 992 992

Placement on Vehicle: Left, Right, Front, Rear

Interchange Part Number:7443 7444NA W21/5W W21W T20 7440 7444 7441 992NA

Warranty: Yes

Other Part Number:Turn Signal Tail Brake Stop Side Marker Parking

Brand: 7443 High Power SAMSUNG 15W Turn Tail Side Light




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My 2008 Legacy 3.0R has a light stalk on the steering column. the stalk has three positions.

1 - Off

2 - Running/corner lights turn on

3 - Headlights turn on.

The stalk can be pushed forward for high beams.

The stalk also has a middle rotating ring to turn on the fogs.


So, when I get in the car and everything is off... I start the car I rotate the stalk one position and nothing happens. When I rotate the stalk another position the headlights and only the headlights come on.

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Do you have your daytime running lights working on position 1? I believe it is your high beams right?


I am not sure if I am of much help, but I just know that the difference between position '1' and '2' is voltage: '1' has a lower voltage than '2'. On my 2005 outback xt, I can see that my low beam are not as bright when I toggle between position 1 and 2. The low voltage signal may interfere with your LED I'd guess. Or the BIU unit has some issues with the resistance it detects from the LEDs... I could be wrong though.


In any case, what I'd do at this point, is process of elimination: unhook all these LEDs, put back the regular bulbs, put the stalk on position 2 and see if you get back your low beams and parking light. If yes, then swap just one regularl bulb with an LED and see what happens..

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I did try this mod but couldn't do it.




Wire is so thin and so easy to break.

Bought a correct CK bulb and I was done.


OP, make sure to check all fuse.

More than likely you have burnt fuse which does dimming.


When you turn one notch, rear break bulbs and front blinker bulbs turn on with dimming?

Also license plate bulb turn on?

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Good morning, Thanks to all who provided input, I appreciate it very much.

I have resolved the challenge albeit not the preferred or intended result but overall I'm happy.

First, I did check all the fuses and yes I found a blown fuse, replaced it and upon first stalk twist was an immediate pop, blown again. Ok from experience this most likely points to a ground issue. To the trunk I go, check all connections and tidy up, note here that resistors were not needed or used for the rear blinkers... I must also note that I have previously replaced my factory 921 reverse bulbs with 893 halogen bulbs. Why? With dark tinted windows it can be a challenge to see behind you at night and in lieu of buying a back up camera I went with brighter bulbs. Now, with that said there may be some thoughtful electrical questions or the member that will say it's dangerous or your car is going to ignite and/or melt down... I am not going to spend the next hour typing what my credentials are nor waste the bandwidth discussing, but this bulb mod is perfectly safe. If your head is shaking then please read again... This is a perfectly safe mod. :)

You may PM me to ask my credentials. Let's just say if I can build safe true 10,000 lumen hand held flashlights then something simple like a bump in bulb wattage is not a biggie, and for those that still say, no good. Please take some time and research the wattage of each said bulb, amperage draw, wire gauge, length of wire run, run times (time you are in reverse gear) etc...

back to the point. The rear blinkers in the rear worked fine, no resistors so on to the front. The passenger side is much easier to gain access to the blinker/side marker bulb. I chose to remove the resistor and see what happens. well, hazards work but with the stock bulb back in it blinks slower than the LED's in the rear... Rotated light talk one turn and POP blown fuse again. I finished up the passenger side, removed the resistor, put the stock bulb in and replaced the air filter assembly. The drivers side is a pain in the a$$, forget the fender peel away method, this is not an option with a 08... So moved the neck of the wiper fluid reservoir, remove the battery and gained access to the bulb. I removed the resistor installed the stock bulb and tested with power. Blinks like it should and hazards do as well, now to try the light stalk, twist one notch and the corner lights are on and working. DRL's are on success! I decide that the resistors are somewhat suspect, nothing against the local supplier, So my initial idea to change to all LED's ended I decide to not use the dual filament LED's on the front. Reassembled and back on the road error free.

To date the following has been completed.

1) Low beams upgraded to Morimoto HID, heavy duty relay with 50 watt ballasts and 5000k XB Bulbs.

1a) High beams upgraded to Philips 65 watt HIR bulbs.

2) Fog lights upgraded to Morimoto HID, heavy duty relay with 50 watt ballasts and 2700k bulbs.

3) Reverse lights upgraded to 893 halogens.

4) Rear blinkers upgraded to 15 watt Samsung LED's (BRIGHT)!!!

5) Trunk lights upgraded to two square COB LED's, trunk is very illuminated.

6) License plate bulbs upgraded to two square COB LED's.

7) Dome light bulbs, map light bulbs, door courtesy bulbs, glove box all upgraded to super bright COB LED's

8) High mount 3rd brake light bulb upgraded to super bright 7440 COB type LED bulb.


I am done messing with the car LED for now, time to move on to other "illuminating projects.... :)

Again thanks to all the gave appreciated input.


I might try to upgrade the bulb in the side mirrors if you have any advice on that please get back to me.


Have a nice day.

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