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Radiator Shroud opinions.

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So I designed and made some Alternator covers for my Wagon a couple weeks ago that went over pretty well: http://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/fs-wa-state-05-09-legacy-gt-alternator-covers-232783.html?t=232783


Well I got a Radiator shroud drawn up as well and wanted opinions regarding a formed section of shroud that goes up around the radiator filler neck that some Manufacturers use, or not. (Reference 2nd pic on the R)

From my assumptinons, it doesn't do anything and is not beneficial in any way other than asthetics.


I have designed mine with out that feature, but was wondering what your guys' opinion was. (Refrence 1st pic on the L)


Also, my design utilizes the stock intake and snorkus, the 2 tabs on the pass side will be bent down to direct air up/into the snorkus and the tab on the driver side will be joggled up to sit flush with the top of the grill surround.



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