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Official Crystal Black Silica Thread (2015+)


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Are those the OEM exhaust tips? They look different.


No aftermarket. My car is a 2.5i and only comes with single exit as standard. I've left the y-pipe and dual exit set-up on my car as I my centre pipe got modified to add the "y" so I'd have to get a new centre pipe to go completely back to "stock".

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I just got a 2015 2.5 Limited and I'm pretty happy with it. It's a little slow, but gas mileage is good. I'm looking forward to doing some lighting and exterior mods, maybe some STI wheels and pedals


Definitely need tinted windows


Do people really pay $400 for the black JDM grille ????

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So black out the grill, but then add a bunch more chrome in other places? Not a fan of the combination, but I like the grill.


Yeah, if I had it my way, the exhaust tip would be the only chrome thing on the car.

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I dig the grill. The chrome mirrors I could take or leave, one of the "perks" of the Sport trim, I guess.


Speaking of the exhaust tip, anyone recommend a product to use in conjunction with 0000 Steel Wool to polish it?

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