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3776 - too far on oil

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I lost track of how long ago I had the 2.2 installed, therefore losing track of the mileage on the oil.


I did the math and I have 3,776 miles on the oil. Have I gone too far?


Personally I don't think so because I remember a time tha1 everyone went 5,000 miles between oil changes. The oil was regular dino, not syn.

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the oil change interval in the 90s cars is 7500 for normal driving,

and 3750 miles for severe driving conditions.

so no, you have not gone too far.


besides it is an ej22, 10k would probably be ok.


but it wouldn't hurt to change it a couple of times at 1500 .

it will help clean it up, if needed.


BTW, i have changed my oil every 5k miles for over 30 years,

and i have never suffered an oil related failure.

never suffered an engine failure of any kind, for that matter.

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