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Group N or perrin motor mounts?

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I'm pretty sure I have a broken driver side engine mount. Lately been getting a loud clunk when letting off the throttle after some spirited driving. I'm going to check it out this weekend while I'm doing my oil change but was curious if anyone had either mounts and what they thought of them.
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I wasn't as worried about the price as much as how they worked. I had a set of super stiff poly mounts on my starion years back and it added ALOT of nvh inside the car. Rattled everything. I see the perrins are softer then the ones I had on my previous car but was curious to hear from someone that had them installed or had installed the group n and how they felt as well.
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FWIW, I just got my car back and went with OEM mounts on both sides of the engine and the main tranny mount. I went with a Group N on the pitch stop, and I'm not sure if it's because they're new or it's wicked cold in the mornings, but it's very audible. Not annoying, it's still nice, but it's much louder than my old OEM mounts and Group N tranny mount. I did finally kick that LWFW to the curb, so my gear chatter is finally gone, so that's nice too.
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Mod list.


Engine mods

T3/T4 garret turbo 50 trim

.40 over JE pistons

total seal rings

race prepped rods with arp bolts

race prepped crank

bs elim. kit

whole rotating assembly balanced

clevite rod and main bearings

quest performance steel shim headgasket

arp head studs

marnel head with 5 angle valve job and race port and polish job

3000gt brand new roller rockers

.5 mm oversize stainless steel intake and exhaust valves

viton valve seals

schneider valve springs

tim c's monsta banshee cam

hurricane 4 mpi with upgraded fuel line with sx performance fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator and fuel filter

sfp header with jet hot coating

tial wastegate

tial blowoff valve

kdm's 3in exhaust with megan turbo muffler

ac and abs elim.

evo intercooler

battery relocated to trunk and mounted in a billet battery tray designed for optima batterys

110 amp alt

alum radiator with 2 electric fans

stedebani short shifter

stedebani trans mount

stedebani motor mounts

spec stage 3f clutch

lightened stock 89 flywheel



ralliart racing seats with ralliart 4 point racing harness's

white face gauges

auto meter ultra lite oil pressure

auto meter ultra lite fuel pressure

auto meter ultra lite pyrometer

auto meter ultra lite air fuel

auto meter ultra lite boost

auto meter ultra lite 5 in tach with shift light

innovate motorsports wideband mounted in glovebox

greddy profec b spec dual stage boost controller

hks turbo timer



car repainted custom burnt orange color

tokico struts with eibach springs

everthing on the front of the car steering and suspension replaced with genuine mitsu parts.

3.90 rear gears

rear s&m strut bar

door handles, antenna and lock on gas door shaved

brand new kumho tires on all four corners


I had this car back in 2005.

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Do you still have it, or is it like mine long since sold :(









2003 Baja 5MT

2016 Outback 2.5i Premium w/Eyesight

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Sadly long gone. I sold it back in 05 and the new guy told me he was making over 400whp before he t boned a lady in a caravan and totaled the car. Worst part was the insurance company only gave him 1k for the car. Then it get parted it on the starquest site. Took me 2 years to build and about a week to tear it apart and sell the pieces. Was a sad day.
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