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My Legacy probably saved my life today

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I got t-boned this morning in the driver's side of my 08 Subaru Legacy by a driver running a red light at something like 35-40mph, and the only injuries I have are bruised rib muscles and a small scratch on my side. I was hit directly in the cabin area, shattering my driver's window and crushing my doors, but my Subaru saved me. The B-pillar held strong, the side curtain airbags and driver's seat side airbag deployed, and kinks all around the side of the car show how the impact was distributed away from me.

Thanks to my Legacy, I was able to get out my passenger side and walk away from the accident. I don't know how many cars could have protected me like this, but I'm now a lifelong Subaru fan.

I know it's corny, but I can't help but think of the Subaru commercials that show wrecked Subarus and say "They lived," and think "I lived". Damn, what a day.







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