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installing new springs. strut top mount issue

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My friend just purchased his first subaru, a 92 legacy wagon. The car was lowered by a previous owner and after he brought it home we noticed the springs that were on the car were not only lowering springs but had been cut down as well and they had to go. My friend picked up a set of 04 sti pink springs because he got a good deal on them and he liked the slightly lowered look and ride they gave my 2nd gen legacy. The car has kyb gr2 struts installed and the front springs sat nicely in the struts and assembled fine with no issues. The rears however compared to the old springs get skinner at the top and the stock top mounts will not work. When i installed the sti pinks on my 2nd gen i had to swap out the rear top mounts with newer impreza mounts and they bolted right up. We got the rear top mounts from an impreza but the stud holes do not line up in the strut tower. Basically at this point we are trying to figure out if we should either mod the strut tower in the car to accept the newer top mounts or mod the top mounts so they will fit into the strut tower. Was wondering what other people had done to fit newer style suspension parts in these cars. open to ideas. no matter what we are going to make it fit lol. just gonna be a little bit of extra work.
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