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What's going on with my radio and defroster

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Weird situation here on my outback. I've got the infamous issue of terrible radio reception when the rear defroster is turned on so I've started investigating.


-Radio on, defroster on - little or no reception, depending on signal strength of the channel I'm listening to


-Tested the antenna amplifier - There is power going to the amplifier, but no power coming out of it. This normal? I wouldn't think so, but if I use the radio with the amp unplugged, the reception is terrible. With it plugged, its "normal". However, if the amp is unplugged and I turn on the defroster, there's no effect. It doesn't make the reception any worse like it does if the amp is plugged in.


-Defroster doesn't appear to work - Rear glass was foggy but after running defroster for 5 minutes, no change. Light goes on, hear the relay click, tested and confirmed there's power at the two defroster points on the glass.


Any ideas on this? Leaning towards the amp since there's no power coming out of it to the glass. I don't see any damage to any of the connectors or the grid on the glass. Any ideas?

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Its most likely broken wires where the rubber gromet is on both sides of the hinges on the rear hatch.


The wagons are known for this. Pull the gromet back a bit and you'll see.


Check the interior forum below. there talk there about this.

opps that didn't work. I looked, theres a thread about tialgate electronics, moy be its in this forum.


You can pull the back of the headliner down a bit and look in there too. All the plastic just pop's off.

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I have power at the both the defrosters and the radio antenna, so I believe the wires leading up to those points should be good. Thanks though, that was the first thing I checked.


A member of another forum posted this. Seems logical


"Defroster grid is broken somewhere. Whatever is left of it is working as a transmission antenna to broadcast random noise from your alternator and other components. Since it's about an inch away from the FM reception antenna, the radio gets overwhelmed."

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