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P1544 code Advice ?

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I have a new to me 2006 Legacy GT wagon 2.5 turbo. The car has 146k on it currently. The previous owner had a new Short block and turbo installed around 105k when the banjo bolt filter decided it wanted to clog up. All the work was done by IAG out in Westminister, MD. While installing the new block they also installed an Invidia catless up-pipe.


Now my question. Driving home tonight down the highway with the cruise set at 75 the check engine like came on kicked me out of cruise control. The car did not run any different at all. Stopped at local autozone close to home an had them read the code.


P1544 Exhaust Gas Temperature Too High was what I was told


Doing some digging here Ive found a few articles talking about this is a sign the cat is going an it will take out the turbo and to replace the up-pipe with said up-pipe I already have on the car. I've read about the resistor mod to trick the ECU an was contemplating that so I don't have to remove the sensor completely at this time


Any advice would be great. Thanks !!

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