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P0340 P0345 Codes and Hwy Overheat

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So like the title says, I currently have those two codes popping up on my AP, due to some trouble on the highway ride home this evening after work. Here's the story.


Everything started normal before the drive home. I got onto the highway and drove approx 18 miles. I then started noticing that my car wasn't down shifting when applying more throttle (I'm 5EAT btw). So I switched to manual shifting and it did then shift, but it took a few full seconds before doing so. I was going about 70 mph when I started to notice a slight burning smell, like when a liquid is burning on a hot surface. Then light smoke started trailing out of my drivers side of the hood. I immediately let off the gas, started pulling over to the shoulder, and watched as my oil temp rose quickly. By the time I had stopped, the CEL had come on, and I also noticed power steering was out.


I then popped the hood and the first thing I noticed was the coolant tank cap was loosely hanging and coolant had exploded all over the engine bay, which was what was causing the smoking. I looked around and everything else seemed normal, although I wasn't able to get far enough out of the farthest lane of the highway so I didn't feel comfortable standing there any longer. I then went and grabbed the codes, seeing that they had to do with Cam shaft A sensors not functioning. Car wouldn't start, but battery was fine.


I've done some digging and my worst fear is that I have a blown head gasket, possibly on the worst scale of that. Anyone have any ideas, either confirming what I have found or different ideas? I had it towed to a shop, but I want to be ahead of thinking of solutions before they tell me it's the engine needing work. Thanks for all the input and your time.

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Did the temp guage read hot, too? You've installed an oil temp guage, too? Or did you mean the actual coolant temp guage in the cluster on the lefthandside?


If you mean that it blew the coolant out of the overflow reservoir (long white plastic piece near the radiator), then, there's a good chance you have a blown HG in the most usual fashion. What happens is that the HGs get weak around the cylinder walls, and then exhaust gasses pressurize the coolant passages, forcing the coolant out of the motor, back into the rest of the system. Much pressure. Blows green shit everywhere.


This is how mine blew, as well, and how most of us blow HGs.


Sad to say, but, I think you're right.


How many miles do you have? If it's less than 75k, you might be able to get out of this without having to buy a new shortblock. . .

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