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225k and time for a swap

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My engine is very lackluster. My wife's car is reliable. I want to yank out my ej22 and put in an ej255 in my 96L. Got the time, most of the money, but to many questions.


Will it bolt up to my AT?

Will my ecu be able to control it?

Do all the hoses match up?

Will I need a standalone?

Is there a better option than a wrx engine?

Has anyone here swapped out their engine to a turbo'ed one? Got pics?

How safe are JDM engines or is a usdm better?

Will I need more parts for a JDM engine?


Anyone got answers to questions I didn't ask please feel free to share cause I know there's a crap ton more!!


Looking for fun speed not rip your fillings out g force.



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im not an expert, but I do know any ej will bolt to any other ej transmission

your ecu should be able to handle it if you aren't going with a lot of aftermarket high power parts but I don't know for sure, seems like a small enough change for it to register the right readings

jdm engines usually have low miles, as far as I know the only jdm you really don't want to mess with is the twin turbo one because fitment is about impossible


beyond that you will have to take some time reading thru a whole lot of threads on peoples swaps it has all been done

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the only easy options are the same ej22 you have, 95 - 98,

or the ej25D 96 - 99, DOHC.

or a hybrid combination of the two.


the 96 ej22 is non-interference has HLAs and single port heads.

ANY ej22 96 - 98 will drop in , bolt in and run with no other changes.


the ej25D 96 - 99 will also work, but you will need the matching exhaust y-pipe since they are dual port exhaust.

(the 96 ej25D requires premium fuel, 97 - 99 do not.)


if you have an auto trans, you will need to install the flex plate off of your engine on to any ej25D engine you swap.

this is about the only change required to drop in, bolt in, and run.

the ECU DOES NOT need to be swapped.


i recommend you replace the head gaskets in any ej25D engine you choose to install.

this will avoid have to do it later.

or buy one with new gaskets,

but i would be cautious, some sellers lie .

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no it is not a turbo.

and any turbo swap is going to be VERY complicated and expensive.

not impossible, but not easy.


and i have no experience with turbos.

i just barely understand the basics.


not only will you have to change the wiring harness and the ECU,

you will have to change the cross member and the exhaust.

better to spend your money on a WRX or other car with a turbo.

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