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Going from Invidia Q300 cat-back to Stock Exhaust?


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The exhaust setup in my car is currently SPT intake, EL headers, high flow cat DP, and Invidia Q300 exhaust.


The exhaust is too loud for my liking, especially when cruising on the highway. My car was tuned with the above mods on it, would I need to have it tuned again if I put on the OEM cat-back exhaust and/or get a Y pipe and put on the OEM mufflers? What would be the best setup to get my current system quieter without requiring another tune?

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No, your tune will be fine.


Seems like a lot of these exhuast are to loud on the highway.


My wagon had Invidia catless dp, stock mid pipe, custom 2.5" axle back to magna flow knock off mufflers. it's much better on the highway, just a low rumble on the background, you can talk without yelling.


My Spec B has a Invidia catted DP, 3" Pro Tuning Lab mid pipe and mufflers. It was hard to talk in the car on the highway. I have since put the stock mufflers on with only one washer between the flange's on the upper bolt. (Hog-zawst system) It's better but still loud. May try a thinner washer.


With the stock mufflers bolted up it's to quiet.

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If I use the stock mufflers and the say TurboXS 3" mid to 2.5" Y pipe, will it give a little bit more of an agressive tone to the stock exhaust? I want it to sound beefy without being too loud (i.e. something between the Invidia and OEM cat-back).

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