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Checking 5EAT fluid?


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My 5EAT has started to shift weird every now and then so I wanted to check the fluid level first. I had flushed it with amsoil when I did the hexmods valve body. Weird thing is I started the car drove it around to my shop and let the car idle till the fans came on so the trans should have been up to temp as the coolant is at operating temp. Checked the fluid and it was in between the high mark on the cold setting and the low on the hot setting.


So you would think its low right? Well I didn't have any amsoil at my work so I drove home and let left it running in my driveway while I got the fluid from my garage. Pulled the dipstick and now its in between the two holes for the hot mark so its in the okay range? Figured maybe its because I drove it much longer and it needed to sit for a bit so I let it idle for about 15 minutes. Still same spot? Why the change? Once the fans came on for radiator the trans should have been up to temp.

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