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Spun bearing/rod knock 2009 OBXT

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Two years ago my son, who lives in Denver, bought an immaculate one owner 2009 OBXT manual with 44,000 miles. Current mileage is about 75,000. Subaru dealer service at 60,000 miles. Oil and filter changes with full synthetic at 3,000 to 5,000 mile intervals. Checks oil at every gas fill-up (I am a 2005 LGT wagon manual owner with 133,000 miles and no engine or turbo trouble). Had full oil analysis done by Blackstone at about 70,000 miles. No issues at all, glowing report. Full stock, no mods. Car is in beautiful condition.


Began hearing a knocking sound at certain RPM's. Slowly got worse. Took to leading independent Subaru shop in Denver. Their conclusion: spun bearing causing rod knock. Parked car. Took to Subaru dealer that did 60,000 mile service. Their conclusion: spun bearing causing rod knock.


My son is a recent graduate who simply can not afford the $5,000 to $8,000 that is being quoted to repair. Given the facts and 15,000 miles out of warranty, we will be asking Subaru of America to help offset the repair costs. A properly maintained, normally used engine simply should last longer than 75,000 miles.


What are the best ways/best people to contact at Subaru of America? We want to maximize being successful with our request.

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Unfortunately Subaru has every right to not help since it is out of warranty. As for the repair cost, you can pick up an STi Shortblock engine for under $3k, and have everything swapped for under 5 total by a shop, or do it yourself. Good luck though!
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