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Anyone run Nokian's year round?


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I have been thinking about replacing the A/S tires on my Subaru Legacy and narrowed it down to Continental Pure Contact or the Pirelli P7 All Seasons Plus. However, I am still concerned about snow traction and really do not want to run a dedicated snow tire as the car is not driven a lot and when it snows bad we use our other car that has snow tires.


Anyhow I am now considering the Nokian WRG3, they would be about $140 than the Pirelli’s and $185 more than the Continental’s but it sounds like it my solve my winter driving concerns.


My questions is has anyone run the Nokian WRG3 year round and what kind of performance (MPG, Handling, noise, etc.) did you have in the spring/summer/fall?


They are supposedly LRR tires so I am hopeful that the MPG’s will not take a hit, but I am thinking that they might be a little louder than a normal A/S tire in the warmer months? Also, I just don’t want anything that is going to wear quickly or feel spongy.

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We ran Nokian WR G2's on the wife's 2006 Impreza for 3 years...included some long summer hwy trips....quiet as the previous Kuhmo ASX.

Now running WR G3's on her 2012 Legacy 2.5i Limited.......only been on for about 5 months...same story....quiet and at least as good or better road holding as the OEM Bridgestones...........BUT obviously way better in wet and snow on both cars.

Never noticed any difference in gas consumption, and no spongy feel when I am driving it in a spirited manner..... Obviously neither car was driven hard, but handled really well with some sporty driving on twisty roads.

Tire wear is as good or better than the OEM tires........The Impreza is now in our grand daughter's garage and still has the tires on it....40K Km (Approx 25K miles) and still good for a couple more winters.


We have had Nokian WR's on every car in the family for years...Accord, Buick, LGT, Impreza, Legacy etc etc.....love 'em!!

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