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Looking at getting a tune


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Right now I'm leaning to opensource because I can't find a used unmarried AP for a decent price.


I've gone as far as downloading the programs needed for opensource but that's all I have done so far.


Anything else I need before going forward with the opensource?

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There appears to be quite a few etuners on this site, someone I'm sure could help you out, reading a lot of posts from them I'm sure if you contact them they'll walk you through saving the definitions you'll need for your software. Cables, I am still using my VAG-COM but with this whole FTDI chip thing going on I'm more inclined to purchase a Tactrix, one less issue to worry about. If you do go VAG-COM make sure you get the right chipset or it will not work. I believe iNVAR did the write up about which chip to buy, FT232BL is the correct one.


Top of page 2.

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I still can't get Romraider to datalog.. says it can't init to ECU.. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong?


*edit I just saw about the run and install as admin.. going to go back out in a few and check it out.

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