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heater problem

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I have a 95 Subaru legacy wagon and I cant get heat out of any but floor vent. When I first started I didn't get any heat from any vent. I did replace the blower motor with another used one because mine went. I have replaced thermostat, checked coolant hoses for heater core for clogs by unhooking hoses and spraying water throw the lines. Bleed cooling system multiple times. I did find the air temp cable for control had a broken cable end but if I manually move the leaver on bottom of air box, I only get warm air from floor vent. All of the other vents are cold air. I looked at the switching door motor on driver side and it moves throw defrost to center air ducts. I don't get why the heat is only coming out of the bottom floor vent and not any where else. Heater worked great last year and was very warm. Their was stereo work done on the car but I didn't do it. stereo unit been replaced. Any help on why its not working right would be greatly appreciated.
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