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04 Legacy GT Sedan


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At the start everything was good. Bought a new deck for my car and at the time decided to swap out my cluster lights. Did them in the middle of the day and didnt bother checking, but two middle ones didn't work (These are a single LED). I hadn't had much time for a bit but also bought some new cluster bulbs hearing that the light is better from a 5 LED bulb, bought them and just finished the install. Though now (For some reason I do not know), when my lights are in the off position my CD player lights flash dim and bright quickly (bright how they should be when the car lights are in the off position). The worst part though is that now even with the car lights in the off position and keys out of the ignition, my car light are still on (Tail lights and signal light area on the front). Is there something about the bulbs that I put in that would cause this or is there another reason for it? The first set I had with the single LED didn't have any issue besides two of the 4 not working.


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