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Official Lapis Blue Pearl Thread (2015+)


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The car is a lot smoother and quieter than the 2015 model in terms of cabin noise the engine is a lot more refined but due to the flat 6 instead of 4. CVT feels nice, but I never had issues with my 2015 model. The infotainment is amazing though. Sound system is incredible and apple CarPlay plus android auto is so nice.


Steering feels smiliar except a little heavier. Still has that artificial electronic steering feel.


Overall, this car is a huge upgrade from 2015, I was really close to getting the 2017 model, I'm glad I waited.


Steering responsive headlights and led lights are definitely a good bonus.


I was happy to see these photos, I've just bought this car - same color - sight unseen from my Subaru dealer! And I wasn't sure what the color looked like in different lighting. The dealer photos were taken on rainy day on the west coast. So I thought it might be a little dark for my liking but it looks great!


I don't get to see the car in person until mid April on my return to Canada from a winter in Mexico. And while it's two years old it has only 15,000 Kms/9000 miles, was driven by the dealer's GM and was priced right for nearly new but used. I enjoyed reading your other comments too. I owned a 2010 Legacy which was the first of the 5th Gen and it was quite noisy. I had been in a 2017 and found it much better and glad to hear that this one is even better.


I'm currently driving a 2013 Outback which I plan to leave here in Mexico and use in the winter months.


Thanks again for the photos and info.

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