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Wiring question

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Hey, I'm doing a tune up on my 1997 legacy GT ej25 with a/t and got plug wires from autozone and they don't work.

They have the right connections for the plug but not the coil pack.

They did ask me at autozone if mine was built before or after a certain date. I didn't know, so we guessed (can always return it)

Now, I have a few Coil packs off newer 2.5s. (Think they were both foresters.) But the problem is they have 4 wires to the pack from the ecu where mine is only 3. Guessing power, ground and signal.

Just need to know what all 4 wires are used for or how to properly wire in this newer style coil.

Couldn't find anything about this when searching and am kinda in a crunch.

Thanks for the help and I'll get pics up ASAP.

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Here's my coil



Here's the "new" coil


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my coil plug in




The wires in question are these.




And just some pics of the plug wires for comparison





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Wrong coil and plug wires.

Look on the driver's door jamb, there is a plate which has your build date on it, or use the one you didn't get parts for.


Sure you need a coil? They do go bad, but not frequently. I'd just replace the wires and plugs first.

NGK, Bosch or oem on the wires. Other high quality units will work. Not the Duralast. Subarus are picky on wires. NGK std copper are fine for plugs.



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