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Do I need to tighten my strut mount?


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Summary: Recently replaced all four struts. With front wheels off the ground, passenger side spring sometimes pops when going lock to lock.


I just recently replaced all four of my struts, using four new strut mounts. Driver side went fine, passenger side gave me a little bit of trouble. From what I remember, if I tightened the passenger strut nut down too much, the strut mount wouldn't be able to spin or would spin with resistance because the nut appeared to be very slightly digging into the mount instead of fully resting on the bearing. I wasn't able to torque the nut down to spec because I couldn't figure out how at the time. I tried torquing the nut down with the wheels on the ground, and the strut shaft just spun. I'm wondering if I had the spring compressed a little uneven when I put the strut mount on, which caused the strut mount to be a little off? I figured it would just correct itself when I tightened the strut nut down.


Anyways, I haven't done much driving yet so I don't know if there's any clunking sounds or anything (one quick short drive, but the heavy rain made it hard to hear, I didn't hear anything that stuck out as abnormal). But tonight I had my car jacked up, both front wheels off the ground, and noticed something funny. When I turned the wheel from lock to lock with the wheels off the ground, the passenger side coil spring would pop. I went lock to lock 2-3 more times, and it continued to pop once or twice when going lock to lock. I was able to record a video of the pop, but after this the popping stopped. I went lock to lock 4-5 more times and nothing. The coil spring appears to be seated in the strut properly, I'm not sure if this just happened because the front wheels were off the ground or what? Any input is appreciated.


Spring pops at around 17 seconds


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I discovered the problem late last night, so I didn't have a chance to do much research on the problem. Today I did some research and people say a bad or frozen strut mount bearing will do this.


Today I basically discovered that on my passenger side strut, I accidentally put the conical washer below the top strut perch instead of on top of the strut perch, and the strut mount wasn't able to spin freely when everything was tightened down, and the spring was binding up.

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