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Loud clunking noise coming from trans


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Car is a 2003 Legacy wagon. I had redone the center differential a while back (with a post in this forum somewhere). Now the car has developed a new noise! Hurray!


I guess I need to preface that I have a problem where letting my foot off the throttle causes extremely jerky deceleration, enough to spill a drink. So that's the first question, what do I need to adjust to correct that? Engine idle settings?


When letting off the gas in any gear, and getting that jerk, a loud loud metal clunk noise comes from what appears to be the transmission. Really just sounds like some large piece of metal is loose inside and hitting against something. Decelerating smoothly prevents this noise from occurring.


My car has issues! Thank you guys so much for reading and offering advice, I have been taken care of very well on this forum so far.

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