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1994 Legacy GTB - Japanese Import


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Hi All,


New to the forums and hoping you can help me out.


I have been offered a 1994 Subaru Legacy GTB Twin Turbo Wagon that has been imported to the UK from Japan for very very cheap as the guy is wanting rid but I have a few questions


Looking at the pictures below can someone tell me what gen and mk this car is so that I can work out what I need for it?


The car needs the primary turbo replaced does anyone know the turbo to replace this with or the model it needs so that I can price a replacement and how hard is it to replace ?







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The TT EJs are either VF25/27 or VF33/32 either way at that price if your are willing to do some work to get her in good running condition it is a true steal. Even if you have to pull the engine and go over all the bits it is stil a good deal
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