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side skirts

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Several people have made the 3rd Gen GT/Outback side skirts work with some modification, fabrication and creativity. They are about 74.5" from wheel well to wheel well. Our 1st Gens measure 72.5" wheel well to wheel well.


I am going to use the 3rd Gen skirts on mine, but I am going to run Rally Armors, so I will probably just shorten the skirt by cutting off the front 2" and letting it sit flush against the Rally Armor which should hide the unfinished end. I still have to verify whether this work or not, still need to buy RA's and skirts to have a look and test fit in person. But I don't know, I may end up taking the 2" out of the middle and rejoining the two pieces. Depends how much I want to mess with it to get the right look.


Here is a 1st Gen with 3rd Gen side skirts.


GTEASER's 2012 Legacy GT - Sold

GTEASER's 2009 XTeaser - Sold

GTEASER's 1992 Legacy SS - Sold


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looks like i can get 94 ss wgn side skirts oem,96052aa010 96052aa020 , but they are for a wagon, anyone know if these will work, or have sedan part numbers, ,y cnd catalogue doesnt list any for the sedan. I found a turbo grill at a good price, I just ordered that in.
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I love the look of the 3rd gen skirts. But i think with stock flaps it will look like hell. Going to measure some 99 leg gt skirts in the morning. Look like the will be a better fot if long enough.
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