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gold mind for $300 thoughts opinions please

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so today i got all this for $300


donor car was a 93 legacy everything was in it before it got totaled

the jdm stuff is from 95 impeza

jdm ej20g (I think) complete w turbo 50k

matching jdm 5 speed tranny 50k

matching rear dif 50k

driveshaft 93 legacy

all the axles

full sti brake upgrade kit (hoses, calipers,hubs,rotors,pads) and the mounts etc.

full engine and cab harness w all modules, fuse boxs, relays,sensors, everything 93 legacy

full intake set up

tons of odds n ends

no intercooler cuz it had front mount set up thats wasted from the wreck


basically my buddy wants the motor for 99 legacy. whats gotta be done to do that?

i want the sti brake upgrade, tranny, and rear dif for my legacy.


i know what i gotta do w the brakes, but what has to be done w the tranny cuz the shift forks are way different

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Yea I know I have yet to decide if I wanna go through all that just for worse mpg and a lil bit more get up n go. I got 2 cable mt's sitting in the corner w less then 100k on em anyways.


Such a steal I'd say. Kid had a bunch of parts laying around n kept saying u want this to I need the room, its not like I'm I'm gonna say no lol. Especially if the price isn't going up.


Best part is I just get done rebuilding my ej22t n bout to put it in and cone across this wish I didn't put the heads and everything else back together n start the swap cuz I would have done a hybrid.


My buddy buying the motor n swap it into his 99 legacy gt. future project .



Its def a ej20 just don't know if it's a g or h. How can I tell. I did some searching but didn't come up w much lol

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