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Official Carbide Gray Metallic Thread (2015+)


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The 2015 3.6R had two option packages #22, (moonroof and NAV) and #23, (moonroof, NAV, and Eyesight).


In 2016, the #22 option package was eliminated and the #23 option package is the only one available.


So yes, some of the 2015s have Eyesight, and some don't.




I should have been a little more specific. I bought my 15' basically right when it was released (late 2014), at that time eyesight wasn't available.



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Finally I have some pictures of everything I did to my Legacy since I got it in the beginning of October.



JDM Grill



Windows Tinted



Rear De-Tagged



Panavise Mount for my Uniden BCD436HP Scanner

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I was able to find some TC105N Wedsports and it motivated me to lower and put some STI front Brakes on the car. Love the look a few years ago before I had a Kid I had a Black 15 STI and I miss that car badly but it was just a little cramped so I purchased the Legacy. This kinda makes me fill like I'm back in the seat of the STI from appearance stand point.


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I have a mixture to stay compliant in GA. I have 35% on the 4 doors, I have 20% percent on the rear, and I have 70% on the full windshield. All windows are in the Carbon Ceramic film.
Wait you tinted your windshield [emoji54]. Your brave. I redid my tints recently so now I have 5% all aroundd2c6569176bc56dae7f335f033b9b2aa.jpg


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