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Black '15


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did you plasti dip your grilles? How easy did they come off?


The grill came black, except the chrome around it. I just did the chrome.


It came off super easy. As long as you tape it nicely, and cover the remaining areas that your not painting, you should be fine. If you want to do it quick and have extra cash, use saran wrap instead of newspapers. Took me no time to prep.


I noticed certain dip colors like "Smoke" are a pain in the ass to take off. Goo Gone is great for that. Spray it alittle bit, and just rub it off. Safe on paint. The black was usually easy to just peel right off.


I used to be afraid of painting, but plastidip takes that away, and helps me paint better the more I do it.

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Looks good! How do you have the plate mounted?


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Nice looking car somekidpaul! I like how you plastidip the chrome trim on the grill and around the windows. I'm thinking about doing it myself, but a little hesitant though.


Hey man thanks! Appreciate it!


I would just go for it! Its not permanent, so you don't have to worry about anything. I had to redo the left side twice, and had no problems. And even if you do get some on your paint, just Go Gone it off of there!


Look up a youtube video or something and you'll see it comes right off if you don't like it, or if you messed up.

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