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Bought a 05 LGT man with 75k mi/120k km with no maintenance records. Recommendations?

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Like the title says, I just bought a 05 LGT 5spd limited with 75k miles/120k kms with no maintenance records. The engine runs beautifully and the steering and suspension seem good as well. I'm wondering what kind of preventive maintenance, if any, I should do.


Things I have planned:

-Rear brakes

-Timing & acc belt

-Coolant, PS fluid & oil change

-Gutted up pipe

-Banjo bolt filters

-Some bodywork


I've read something about the oil pickup, not sure what that is about. Should I replace the tranny fluid? Diff or diffs oil?


The shifter is kind of a PITA with lots of side to side play. Anything I can do here? Maybe delrin bushings and a SS? I'm spoiled with my NA Miata, which is the best one I've had the pleasure to row through the gears. I bought this car to replace my DD 2010 Accent (pretty drastic change...) and even the Accent had an awesome shifter with the delrin tranny bushings and the B&M short shifter.


Anything else I should look into? I am very mechanically inclined and own a bodyshop so tools and space are not a problem.

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I've read something about the oil pickup, not sure what that is about.




I'd answer all of your questions in detail but it's all been answered on this forum dozens of times.


If your mileage is genuine... you don't have a lot to worry about just yet but yes check the banjo bolts for filters and the stock Turbo isn't all that great but it should be okay at 75K, however you should check it for shaft play. Timing belt isn't due until 105K. Gutting the uppipe isn't that much fun and you'd be better off just getting an uppipe as it will work better. Change the oil often and check it regularly as some cars use oil a lot, it's okay... just check it - Rotella T6 works well for most cars that otherwise eat the oil more regularly. Dipstick is useless to measure with. Don't use Mobil1.

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Welcome and hope you trust the source of the car.


Been burned before so I'm always skeptical now of claims on the dash.


Your on the right track but if you eliminate the banjo filters put one back on like the Infamous performance kit. The one behind the drivers side is near impossible to remove without taking the cover and AVCS gear off... Plan on doing that one when your ready for the timing belt.


For now peek at the belt and idlers to see if they look hosed already.


Read up as Sigma suggested. There have been tons of discussions about exactly what your asking.

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