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2015 3.6r eyesight or no


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In the next week I'm going to either order or have located a 3.6r. Coming out of a G35x, just had to have the extra power. That said, the dealer had no eyesight vehicles to test. I did get to see the camera units on a 2015 Outback but it was sold waiting for delivery.


That said, those who have it, love it or hate it? I'm a 20k mile a year guy who sits in traffic for 45mi each way to work.



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The price point isn't what bothers me so much as does it really work. As for the helpful comment about moving, not really. It's not terribly far, perhaps 19 miles. There happen to be some severe bottlenecks in between here and there that cause the delays. That said, if a position paying equivalent to my current and was closer to home came along I wouldn't say no. The reality however is that's my current situation.


So, if you ACTUALLY have eyesight and can weigh in with some practical knowledge I would appreciate it. 😝

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