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2012 Outback OEM backup camera + aftermarket head unit?


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It is possible. Not too difficult if you get the correct harness. I'm working on having a factory produce such a harness for cars with the non-nav HUs with 4.3" screen.


I'm already able to make camera retention harnesses for cars with the OEM Fujitsu Ten navigation HU and older OEM Kenwood nav HU. Contact me via e-mail for more information (see my site ae64.com).


One small issue is that the OEM HU supplies 6 Volts to power the OEM camera. Although the camera may be able to accept 12V without any problems (someone looked inside the Crosstrek's camera, and confirmed its internal voltage converter can handle up to 40V), we don't know that about the Legacy and Outback cameras. So it's safer to give them something close to 6V like the OEM HU does.


You don't have to use a voltage regulator IC or a DC-to-DC converter module. A couple of properly-sized resistors will suffice. The cameras have their own internal voltage converter that reduces to 3.3V for the camera's electronics.


See this thread for information that will be helpful (it discusses adding an aftermarket camera to camera-capable OEM HUs in cars that shipped without a camera):

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