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Does the sub output get pissed on w/ eq too?


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05 LGT, P-201UH So I'm pretty sure I already know the answer. I assume yeah the variable EQ is not only built into the 4 channels of the OEM H/U (front left, front right, la la la), but it's also built into the sub output. If there was no built in variable EQ, then there wouldn't be any need for a cleansweep cuz you can get a clean signal there. Unless people are using the cleansweep as a LOC only? I got another one. No LightFantastic, there is no variable EQ on the sub output BUT the output is already filtered so that's why people aren't tapping in there. Well I think that's a bunch of junk. I have personally cracked open the OEM subwoofer/amplifier and I'm pretty sure I caught the filter part of the amplifier. But maybe I'm wrong? Whatchya got?
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