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KSR200 vs KSR202

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Hi Everyone,


I'm on my second Subaru after selling off an 00 Outback Limited a few years ago.


I now have a 1995 Legacy L....but it is a Legacy L "Postal". :spin:


I'm looking to replace the inner tie rod boots, both are split. While I'm working on the steering, it seems that the rack and pinion bushes are a good upgrade.


I've done some searching, but it looks like most people people buy the whiteline KSR200 (25mm passenger) or KSR202 (30mm passenger) and hope for the best. Is there anyway to tell in advance which size you'll need?


The kits are list for the "Liberty" so I know one will fit. I thought about trying to measure the tube, but it really doesn't look like I could feasibly get a caliper in there and get a reliable measurement. I'd also prefer to not order both kits and have to return/sell the other one.


Thanks in advance.

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Just as a follow up to this post, I went with the KSR202. These fit the 1995 Legacy Postal Wagon.


Also replaced the inner tie rod boots with the "drive line/drive works" boots from advance auto. These were $16 a side versus the absurd $34 for their Moog branded part.


The new inner boots and bushings are great after ~150 miles.

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