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swapped battery, check engine light on and cruise flashing

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so my battery died and i could not jump it after an hour of multiple attempts so i bought a new car battery from wal mart (the only place open right now) and installed it.


now my car has the check engine light on and the cruise light flashing. also, when i put it in drive the revs dip very low (to the point of causing vibrations)


should i get the codes pulled and cleared? is the low revving due to the ECU resetting when my battery died and it has to get used to the environment?


should i buy a better battery when the auto parts store is open?

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From older posts it looks like you have an '08 2.5i. It's normal for our cars to act funny and almost stall for a few days after disconnecting the battery/resetting the ecu.


Out of curiosity, I would pull the codes and then have them cleared.

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