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2015 Legacy Limited: Concern about Low Profile tires


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I am leaning towards 15 Legacy limited with Eyesight. I am fine having Premium with Eyesight but I feel that Limited offers better value hence leaning towards Limited.


One of my concerns is low profile tires that are standard on Limited. I need a functional and reliable car, cool looking wheel is not my priority.


I drive about 25K/year on highway in Indiana, mainly between 70 to 80 MPH. Bad winter and potholes on the highway are certainty. Low profile tires are much more likely to blow-out due to potholes. I want to avoid getting stranded on highway due to blowout when other semi's are speeding at 75MPH nearby.


I would like to know what others have experienced with low profile tires on Limited? How is ride? Is there anyway I can swap 18" wheel and tire with 17" wheel + tire? Your input is greatly appreciated.


Limited tires size 225/50 R18

Premium tires size 225/55 R17

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According to Tire Rack you can minus size to either 225/60 16 or 215/65 16. The cheapest 16" wheels are $90 each.

Looks like they switched the 2015 Legacy to 5x114 bolt pattern, so the only used Subaru wheels you could use would be from a Tribeca or WRX STI.

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Thanks everyone for your comments, it is informative.


Minus sizing wheels means buying new wheel and tires spending about 1k more and I will be left with a set of unused 18" inch wheels and tires. Is there any option to swap brand new 18 wheels+tires with 17" wheel + tires before/while taking car delivery?


Won't tires for 17" wheel be more comfortable than 18"?

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I am noob and my concern for tires on limited and stories of 18" wheel is preventing me fron ordering limited hence I am seeking veteran member's opinions. Your advice certainly helps.


I welcome other legacy limited owners to share their experience.

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running fine on my 18 s limited. Also they would be very easy to sell if you decide to swap to a steel 17 inch combo.

18 s now a days are reliable as others have creeped up to 19 and 20 s.

I think the 18 s on the Limited really make for a better look ( I know you didn t care about that).

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