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Any LGT wagon owners in NJ? Weight class question


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Looking at my registration renewal, I see that NJ has my 2005 LGT wagon classified as weight class 8 which is >3500 pounds. I also see that this is what is on the title and the last inspection has it listed as 3625 ETW (emissions test weight).


But the looking I died seems to indicate the curb weight should be 3435 for a manual (what I have) and 3500 for an automatic. The documentation I got from the Florida dealer I bought it from states 3435.


It matters since the yearly registration fee is almost double for a car <3500lb vs one over it.


Any other NJ wagon owners care to look at their registration?

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Never had mine registered in NJ so couldn't tell you. I would go to the DMV with the original Title from florida and dispute it.


-Mike Paisan



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My 2005 LGT wagon with manual transmission is shown as WC 7 on the registration. Annual fee is $56.50. My tag is SA346V if you want to have DMV compare your car to mine. The only explanation i can think of is mine is not a "Limited" with the extra weight of power seats, sunroof etc.
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