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Exhaust MUfflers / Tips

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I'm looking to buy some Borla mufflers for the car… which ones do i get. the Boomers or the XR-1 and do i need tips on those? and what is the stock pipe diameter ( so i get the right sizing for the mufflers)


I'm afraid this doesn't answer your question, but I read the title as "Exhaust Muffins / Tips" at first. I was disappointed to not find helpful suggestions regarding delicious muffins... and now I just want a chocolate chip banana muffin.


From Borla's web site's reading material, it looks like the Boomers... well, boom. That is, the Boomers appear to be more about getting a sound that some folks find desirable while maintaining good airflow. They're also cheaper.


The XR-1 series is more expensive. They seem to be about flowing the most air possible while reducing noise.





Take this info with a rock of salt though. Remember, I'm the guy that thought "MUfflers" was "Muffins."


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