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CDs stuck in player - '06 legacy


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Hi- I have 4 cds stuck in my changer. It won't play and won't eject.


Is there some way to restart the unit, or trick it into spitting out all the discs?


It was working fine, and then it wasn't. No precipitating event that I noticed.


I think cd 2 is the problem if that's at all relevant. When I power on the CD player, it says CD 2. Sometimes it makes noises like it's starting up, but nothing happens.


It's one of those 6-changer CD players that seems to be the kind that the climate control and audio are all interrelated, so I'm a little anxious about taking it to some cheap audio place...(The car is relatively new to me so I'm still trying to understand all the features).


thanks for any advice!


-I also tried holding down eject button - flashes "all eject" but nothing happens (let it run like that for 10 minutes, on an errand, and it never did work.

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Ive been having the same issue. Only way to get them to eject seems to be a random amount of engine start cycles. The way ive gotten around them getting stuck is wait for the unit to say load before you load the CD. Otherwise of you pop them in it will malfunction
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