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What to watch for ej206 legacy

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Hi guys I'm new to the subaru scene or the car scene in general bin a domestic truck guy for a long time but I just came across a 98 legacy Gt Vdc twin turbo that I just had to have only has 60,000km and seems to be in great condition the thing is I didn't do any research before buying the car but now I get into it and hear these cars are horrible for head gaskets being blown,is this true in the dohc twin turbo models?

Basically looking for any other common problems and what I can do to keep these head gaskets lasting long as possible?

Are there better aftermarket ones available?

Should I be worried about it or not?

Should I replace them before I have a problem?

What's it gonna cost etc.

Thanks in advance hope someone can shed some light on this situation

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I wouldn't be worried. I mean the head gasket will go when it is ready. and hopefully give you warning signs before any damage occurs.


Use the best oil you can, for the value its Rotella T6 5w-40. Motul would be a slight step up.

don't overboost it unless you know what your doing. In stock form subaru makes a good engine. I just read the GTB head gaskets sucked until 1996 when they began using steel ones. So you have a better head gasket than some with a similar Lego


Congrats on the new car, good to see a fellow Canadian on this forum

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keep the coolant filled, purge air bubbles regularly, and add a couple of grounding straps from the heads to the car body. This will likely prevent any head gasket failure unless it's had a hard life beforehand.


If you do need to do some engine work (which is actually very easy on these cars), make sure you use the right water pump. http://www.rallispec.com/images/products/rstr0350.jpg


The one on the right is what you want to prevent cavitation (formation of air bubbles) in the coolant.


Also, use an OEM thermostat. There is a specific aftermarket brand that makes an equivalent but you're best off just getting the right thing from a dealership.


If the car starts to overheat even a little bit, shut it down and don't try to drive it.

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