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JB Weld Intercooler


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Just bought some JB Weld for my stock top mount to prevent it from cracking since I'll be upping my boost. I just want to know how to properly apply it to the intercooler.


Is there a write-up on how to do it? I have searched and haven't found anything, I just want to do it the right way.


Thanks guys!

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I used JB weld on my stage 3 tune (about 18psi peak) for about 2 months, than I got a FMIC. I first re pinched all the clamp things, cleaned with brake cleaner and then applied it very very thick. I let it dry over 2 days, did a 3rd coat let it dry for 2 days then installed ( I had a spare intercooler to do this on) Lasted a while, but after a while I could see where the JB weld was stressed and going to crack very soon. I then got a FMIC.


I guess JB weld would work as a temp thing, if your really in a pickle, but if its anything else I would highly suggest the bullet proof kit.

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