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Cobb ap ?


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So I was attempting to installed the cobb ap v2 sub-003 stage 1 93 in my car but was unsuccessful due to a communication error. I made it to the cycle key part of the process. So I wasn't able to install the map. So I'm still on the factory tune. Also the car has never had a tune since I've owned it and that's from day 1 off the showroom lot. My question, when I went to start the car it wouldn't start right away. I tried to start the car and it would just crank(did this twice) then on the third time it started but it was a rough idle and it stalled on me. I then started it again and the I gave it some gas for a few seconds and the. It went back to normal idle and it was running smooth. Is this a normal thing that happens? Thanks for any advice.



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Most likely the DBW system recalibrating itself after the ecu reset when you turned the key to the On/Start position. The car won't start while that's happening. The rough idle is probably b/c the fuel trims were cleared.


If you turn the key to the On position and wait 10 or so seconds before actually cranking, it'll probably start on the 1st try.


I think the AP3 user manual mentions this, but I don't think the V2 manual does.

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Yep pretty normal like mentioned above.


Sometimes you have to try and install a couple times if it gives you the community error. Try installing the stage 1 for a different octane and then go back to the proper one after you get the install.


Not common but I have seen it happen multiple times.


Hope that helps.




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I just installed my ap2 today, stock car, flashed to stage 1. Was hoping someone might give some pointers on things to look for in the monitor section of the AP. Such as knock events or boost levels. I'm a noob to subys. And tuning. Lol want to keep the motor safe. And learn what to look for to get best bang for my Buck. Any direction is great. 2005.5 lgt 5eat 86k
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