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Norb's 2009 OBXT Limited 5MT Journal


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A brief intro first... I'm Norbert, engineer by trade, enjoy tinkering in the garage in my free time.


My first Subaru ownership came in the form of a 2000 Outback Wagon. Fantastic car, very useful, and outstanding in our Buffalo winters. I owned it from October 2012 until August 2014 and used it as a daily while I worked on my "toy" car. No problems at all minus the typical headgasket failure - I replaced those myself and sold the car for a profit after putting 20k miles on it.


2000 Outback AWD. 109K

2.5L, 5 speed, heated mirrors, windshield and seats

Snow tires









Entire BMW E39 subframe/rear end fit into 2000 Outback



I drove that car while working on the project, which started as a 2001 BMW 540i Sport - with BMW 4.4 DOHC V8 and Getrag 6 speed. Maintenance was too high and performance too low so I went all in...


2003 GM 6.0 LS iron block

Intake, cam, mild exhaust

T56 6 speed, 3.91 M5 LSD

etc etc etc











Fall 2014 visit to local track



the 2000 Outback body was starting to show terminal corrosion so I sold it while it was still in okay condition. Then the search started for something just as useful, but a bit more fun to drive!


2009 Outback XT Limited

79K, 2 owners before me

2.5 Turbo w/ SI Drive

5 speed, locking rear diff

Heated and power everything, leather

Tow hitch

Cool full length sunroof


I was searching all over the country for the super rare 5 speed OBXT and actually made an offer on a 2006 in Miami, but then this popped up in Hamburg, NY, about 15 mins from me. Seller was getting offers from people all over the country so I lucked out. The plan is maybe have it tuned at Innovative and just enjoy it.







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I like the 5MT in the OBXT. It's a welcome departure from the notchy and high effort rifle bolt shifter in the BMW. So, no trans swaps unless something goes boom.


I removed the intake silencer on the Outback to uncork some induction noise, although it didn't really give the result the I was expecting.

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Get a Forge Bypass valve and put your intake back together. Don't do a Atmospheric BOV or you will have an unhappy car. Stock intake is good to 350whp. The 6spd is even smoother. :)


All I want is turbo noises. I enjoy the venting sound and the spool as well. If I can achieve this without having to buy expensive intake, heatshield, and the necessary tune, I'd be ecstatic.


I'm aware of the negatives of putting an atmospheric dump on a car that doesn't call for it.


How much of a sound difference does the Forge BPV make?

Is a tune required to run it?


I installed a Forge BPV adapter on my wife's 2007 turbo A4 and it utilizes the factory BPV, while venting to atmosphere. I love the sound. Well built CNC'd part

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nah, no way I'm removing the deadener. I don't want to hear all the other clattering under the hood :)


I also will not change anything at all in the exhaust stream since I already have a fully catless car that is smelly and unpleasant.


good to know that the Forge BPV doesn't require a tune, but will it increase sound on its own since it's still recirculating boost?

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