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97 legacy has light issues

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I have a 97 legacy. The rear running lights & dash cluster lights wont come on. I checked all the fuses, I swapped around relays in both fuse boxes. Replaced bulbs & I got nothing. Anyone have any insight? Am I overlooking something? ? Its not safe for my daughter to drive at night, please help.
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this sounds like two different problems,

did they both start happening at the same time??


the dash lights may be as simple as the brightness adjuster on the turn signal stalk.

is it turned all the way up?

if not this then probably the gizmo that controls the brightness.

it is called a ___________ illuminator i think, or something like that.

sometimes they get blown when replacing the radio.

has the radio been replaced recently?


the rear lights is probably a wire or wires where they go from the chassis to the rear hatch.

is it a wagon?


do the brake lights work?

reverse lights?

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I had the same cluster light problem. They don't work, my heater control lights blink, and my defroster is shot(button won't even light up). I wired in some leds on a temporary switch to light up my gauges but still can't find the source of the problem....


Johnegg: when I bought the car it had no radio, all tore up in the and the CIG lighter didn't work. I hardwired my radio and a 12v cig lighter. What could the previous owners wiring mishaps have damaged in the dimmer/---------- illuminator?

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wiring mishaps have damaged in the dimmer/---------- illuminator?
they are easy to blow, apparently.

and once gone, there is no flow of electricity thru it.


i would look for the part at opposedforces.com/parts.


i think it is located under the dash, looks like a relay????

because of the screw in the pic, it may be mounted on the removable panel below the steering wheel.


item #5 below:





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