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New idea for installing aftermarket radio 05 legacy 2.5l

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so anyone who has researched the subject of replacing the stock HU in 05-09 legacys knows that.... is a real kick in the dick to change out.


I've seen the cubby din install.

I've seen the crazy badass (and expensive) JDM hvac kit method



Is it possible to just cut the stock hu in half? to separate the climate control from the radio. to have a aftermarket double din and bezel that butts into the stock climate? I'm sure i could make some trim piece to make it look good


ill be looking at it tomorrow for myself but i want opinions. in theory would this work?


even if they were on the same circuit board.. could a small modification bring my dreams to life?


i desperately want a real head unit the parrot mki9100 isn't the same.


btw i realize this idea might be really shitty lol


thanks to all!

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