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Cobb or Kartboy short shifter?

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There's several WRX SS Clutch Lines that don't work because they're too short. Need to check fitment. The Cobb DASTS is nice (actually made by Mode Racing) here in the U.S., but the physical construction means you'll likely have to clearance the shifter surround to enable full engagement in some of the gears. You can't go wrong with the KB STS though - just not vertically adjustable like the Cobb DASTS.
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If you have the old line and can measure it, have any Hydrolic shop make you up a line. Any place that fix's big equipment will know how to do it, may be some of the old auto parts stores will know where to get it done.


Or Earls https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&source=hp&q=earls+fittings&gbv=2&oq=Earls+&gs_l=heirloom-hp.1.1.0l9j0i10.1544.3026.0.6661.


This place may have the fittings.


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Ah, good call on the local shop. I've got a high pressure power steering line for my Z32 which i need converted to SS as well. I'll bring that to them with the clutch line.


Kartboy it is. Just felt my OEM shifter and I could stand for it to be a bit lower, but definitely don't want the chode stubby shifter.


Thanks guys!

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I went with the Kartboy and been really happy with it for a year and a half now! Short shifter is a must do mod on this car though. Stock shifter feels terrible!!

We have a few of them in stock if interested. $107.25 shipped.


Moddiction Stainless steel and Titanium shift knobs.

Drivetrain, suspension, brakes, exhaust, cooling, fuel, gauges+MUCH more!

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