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2010 lgt bnr20g e85 332/380

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Dyno Tune: The Franz (Late Model Throttle) makes 332 whp on a 2.5L + BNR20G @ 23.5psi


Event: Dyno Tune

Loaction: Late Model Throttle

Date: 08/14/2014


Ambient Temp: 82F

Elevation: 873'

Weather: Clear


Car: 2010 Legacy GT

Tuner: The Franz, Late Model Throttle

Dyno Info: Dynojet

Transmission: 6MT

Gear: 3rd

Peak Horse Power at RPM: 332 @~5300

Peak Torque at RPM: 380@ ~3600

Baseline hp/tq for a stock on same dyno: Unknown

Target Boost: 23.5

Target AFR: 11.9 (lambda 0.81 = 7.82 for E85)

Engine/Power Modifications: BNR 20G/TD05 VF54 turbo, RacerX charge pipe, Turbosmart Kompact BPV, RacerX TMIC, ID1000 injectors, DW300 fuel pump, Invidia catless DP, stock CBE, KS73mm MAF housing, AEM Dryflow filter, Perrin throttle body inlet hose, NKG iridium 1 step colder plugs

Driveline Modifications:ACT HDSS clutch, WRX short throw shifter

Suspension Modifications: H&R springs, 19mm RSB


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