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Couple Gen 1 related questions

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Hey all,


A couple months back, my daughter got a '93 Legacy AWD sedan for her first car. It was in pretty rough shape and I've been slowly bringing it back. It has a couple new issues and I couldn't find any related info using the search bar.


First, it's throwing a code for the idle switch(42). I replaced the TPS and the CEL went away for a few weeks, but recently came back. Other than the TPS, what could cause this code? Or did I get a faulty replacement?


Second, the drivers side rear caliper is leaking. I wanted to get a rebuild kit. There are two sets that I've found listed; 1.5" and 1.3" bore. It seems the 1.5 is for the wagon and 1.3 is for the sedan, but I can't find any info on the AWD sedans. I'm assuming they would have the same brakes as the FWD. Can anyone confirm this?


Thanks for any help...

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