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Trick to sealing new Injector o-rings?

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Hello everyone.

I solved the '99 Legacy 2.2L misfire by replacing a faulty injector.

Worked for a day and a half until the o-rings on the old injector started to leak. I ordered 2 sets of replacement o-rings from Amazon, (GB Remanufacturing) then installed tonight.

Now BOTH are leaking. Soaked them in light oil before installing them....


IS there a trick to getting the injectors to seal up on a 2.2L California Emissions car (EJ22 Phase 2) engine?


REALLY frustrated now, & not excited about trying to recreate the flaming car scene from "CHRISTINE".......


Wishing this car had the 'capped' injector setup as shown in the Haynes Subaru manual I have.


Please help!

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Took the third set (my emergency stock of 'backups') of o rings (Beck Arney(sp?)) I had delivered, pulled the smaller pair of plain o rings & put on the top of both #2 & #4 injectors & reassembled. No leak in the driveway, but haven't driven yet & not taking it 80 miles to work & back w/ the kid tomorrow..... so we'll see how it goes over the weekend with a few heat & cool cycles of local driving......
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