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Car wont idle any lower than 1100 rpm even when warm

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FYI I have been having a weird varying high idle. The idle ranged from 750 to 2000 rpm cold and warm. So today I took my throttle body and IACV off my 98 legacy gt. I replaced them with a throttle body and IACV from a 98 gt parts motor I had lying around that I cleaned thoroughly with throttle body cleaner the other day. After doing this I started up the car and the idle went straight to 3000. I immediately checked to make sure all hoses and electrical plugs were connected and tight and they were all good. So I assumed the IACV I swapped in must have been bad so I cleaned the one I took off with throttle body cleaner and through it back on. Now the idle is constant 1100 rpm all the time cold and warm. It no longer will go to 1500 or 2000 like it used too, but it also used to sit nicely at 750rpm half of the time. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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