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Anyone have stock mufflers they wish to part with?


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After years of setting off car alarms with my Fujitsubo exhaust, I need something quieter. I still have the stock mid pipe, but the mufflers went MIA along the way. Interested in the stock or SPT cans. Also possibly interested in other items that fit the stock y-pipe.


Guess I might be breaking rules here, but Norcal has never been a super active region: http://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/wtb-ca-norcal-stock-mufflers-decent-condition-sedan-230607.html

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Hi I bought the mid pipe off this craigslist add and he tried to sell me the mufflers for $50 a piece. He's in sac so that's probably a little further than you want to drive. Probably can find them cheaper and closer but I thought I would try to help.


2005 Subaru Legacy GT Turbo parting out - $1 (Sacramento)

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