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Crank/ cam sensor cleaning

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Was doing some reading on here and nasioc and stumbled lol upon an article about cleaning the crank/ cam sensor to sort out a slight stumble/ rough start condition.


Well since it's 1 10mm bolt and simple plug harness I pulled my sensor today.

It was disgusting. Caked with thick black cake batter like consistency filth. I used electronic parts cleaner on it and wiped it all clean and then replaced. Dabbed some anti seize on the bolt for good measure.


Car most certainly starts smoother. I never had a hesitation while driving. But must say the motor feels happier, perhaps the gunk was interfering enough with the signal.


Total time invested 5min.

Tools: 10mm wrench. Electronic parts cleaner, shop towel.

113,500 miles I'd recommend it to all.


picture of gunk and sensor location below.

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I pulled and cleaned my crank pulley last night too. Thanks for the idea. You also mentioned the Cam sensors. Did you clean those too? They look a bit tougher to get to and wondering if its worth the effort. I'm chasing a very minor roughness/misfire and want to narrow down the list of causes as best I can. Thanks!
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I believe only two.


check out the pictures in my click here link. No sensors down low


Yes, only two sensors, and I was looking for the two sensors I lost while the engine was on the stand and when I got down and looked up I see they are blocked off dummy holes...


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